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Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. is the global leader in ballasts and controls for commercial lighting applications — including electronic linear fluorescent, HID, compact fluorescent solutions and more.

When you say energy savings, reliability and innovation, you’re speaking the Universal language

Signa® Electronic Sign Ballasts

Simplifies installation with fewer leads and maximizes energy savings.

AccuStart® 5 T5 and T5HO
Programmed Rapid Start T5 & T5HO ballasts for frequently-cycled applications. Universal voltage (120-277 volt) and High Range voltage (347-480 volt) products available.

E-Tensity Electronic HID Ballasts
Designed to provide optimal lamp performance and energy savings. With improved lumen maintenance over standard magnetic ballasts, E-Tensity ballasts lead the way to electronic solutions for HID lighting. E-Tensity with SuperDim combines analog dimming technology with electronic HID to provide additional energy savings capabilities..

High Temperature HID Ballast
HT HID are designed for applications where high temperature ballasts and components are required for long life.

Pulse Start Metal Halide…NEW!

The latest in pulse start technology featuring Universal Precise™ design.

Multi-5® Uni-Pak™ Complete kit featuring 5 taps in 1.

Ballast Navigator-Your Online Guide
Universal Lighting Technologies’™ premier product catalog — Ballast Navigator — provides details on every product in the UNIVERSAL® and TRIAD® families. Ballast Navigator gives you instant access to product data, application & operating information, warranty terms, and much more

Fluorescent Electromagnetic Ballasts

Fluorescent Electronic Ballasts

Fluorescent Dimming Ballasts

Compact Fluorescent Ballasts

High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts

Electronic High Intensity Discharge (HID) Ballasts

Plastic Sign Ballasts

Download the entire online Ballast Navigator in PDF format—click here.

Energy Management Lighting Control
Universal Lighting Technologies’™ energy management lighting control products make it easy to control and reduce energy costs with lighting. High efficiency lighting products with the ability to further reduce their energy consumption with a range of control options creates maximum system efficiency and energy savings. Energy management lighting control products are available for single lighting fixture to complete facility lighting systems. Control options range from a single standard wall switch to remote based internet control technologies.

Digital Dimming
DaliPro® ballasts are fully compatible with the Digital Lighting Addressable Interface (DALI) protocol. From conference rooms to networked buildings, DaliPro® provides a broad selection of ballasts for your lighting applications.

Analog Dimming
SuperDim® (0 to 10 volt) ballasts offer the most cost-effective solution for single zone applications, and adhere to strict energy saving requirements.

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Cross Reference Guides
• Advance to ULT Cross Reference (Fluorescent and HID Ballasts)
• ESI Cross Reference
• GE to ULT Cross Reference (Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts)
• Howard Ind. to ULT Cross Reference (Fluorescent and HID Ballasts)
• Osram/Sylvania to ULT Cross Reference (Fluorescent and HID Ballasts)
• Sli/Valmont/Power Lighting to ULT Cross Reference (Fluorescent and HID Ballasts)
• Sola to ULT Cross Reference (Fluorescent and HID Ballasts)

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