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Innovation in Energy-Efficient Lighting Systems

Combining Energy-Efficient LED Lighting with Solar Technology

Stonco is uniting the high efficiency of LED lighting fixtures with renewable solar
panel power systems. Combining these two remarkable technologies reduces installation
cost and provides free lighting for the life of the system. Stonco’s solar powered LED fixtures make it affordable to install fixtures where an electrical supply is not readily available or too costly to connect. Outdoor LED luminaries enhance site appearance and improve pedestrian safety.


The Stonco Approach
Stonco Designs the Correct System for Your Application

Developing a solar lighting system is more involved than traditional lighting using hard-wired power. One size does not fit all, and careful consideration must be given to solar activity, geographic location, desired light levels, light duration and fixture location. Stonco delivers the correct system so you need not worry. Using our sophisticated application program, Stonco will custom design a solar lighting package specific to your zip code and performance requirements. Stonco solar lighting systems will shine brightly for up to five days even during periods of minimum solar activity. The system’s controller automatically detects the amount of sunlight on the solar panel to dependably manage the fixture’s operation.

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