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Professional Site Evaluation

The SunEye 210 is an integrated Shade Analysis Tool for solar site assessment. It includes a fisheye camera and a dedicated on-board processor to perform digital image processing and analysis to compute shading and solar access percentages. It includes an electronic compass and inclinometer enabled to measure roof pitch and azimuth.

Suneye 210

Suneye PVA-600 PV Analyzer

Complete Verification Solution
The Solmetric PV Analyzer is a complete electrical test solution for verifying photovoltaic array performance. For each string, the analyzer measures current and power as a function of voltage. Measured results are compared to the performance predicted by advanced built-in models.

That means:
• Confidence in DC performance at startup
• Smarter troubleshooting
• Faster installation and repairs
• Detailed history of array performance

Electrical Specifications
PV voltage measurement range: 0-600 V DC
PV current measurement range: 0-20A DC
Minimum Voc: 20 V DC
Minimum Isc: 1 A DC
Measurement time: 0.05-1 sec

Suneye 210 Extension

SunEye Extension Kit
The SunEye Extension Kit enables accurate measurements up to 5.4m (~18 feet) above ground level. It consists of a telescoping extension pole with a cradle at the top to hold the SunEye 210. The cradle holds the SunEye secure and protected without obstructing the field of view of the SunEye’s camera lens. Watch a video Part 1. Overview, and more detail in Part 2. Operation.

When using the Extension Kit, SunEye skylines are captured by rotation of the pole combined with audio feedback from the SunEye. The SunEye will automatically correct the measurements for azimuth and tilt using inputs from the on-board sensors.

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